Ever since the “At the Dawn of the Century-1998 Campus Sculptural Exhibition at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)”

has been relentless in the promotion of fine arts on campus and aesthetic awareness among the student body.

While focusing on the two major activities of teaching and research, it is equally essential to involve the arts in a university education;

only students who have received the trinity may claim to be holistically university students.

From the aspect of the arts and humanities, the Art Center plays a very important role; it carries on the great responsibility of developing the artsand humanities on the NCKU campus.


We try to attract visitors, domestic and international, to take a tour of the NCKU campus,

where a variety of introductions help the people who come to learn about campus arts and culture to appreciate the meanings and stories that each of the creators of these artworks has tried to convey.

We hope the public may be inspired to ponder further on what they have learned and develop affection for these artworks.